Recent legislation projects for import restrictions

Written by : Collections Posted on : 05/07/2018

Lucie Lambrecht and Zacharias Mawick, Recent legislation projects for import restrictions: The questionable weapon of choice against trafficking of cultural property. Read the full article here

Amidst hot talks and discussions about US import tariffs and looming trade wars, one might lose sight of the wave of well-intentioned but politically highly controversial legislation projects to fight illicit trafficking of cultural goods – Nicosia Convention, EU Imports Regulation, Implementation of UNESCO 1970 and domestic projects such as the German Cultural Property Protection Act – which  the art market and especially collectors are currently facing. These multiple layers of legislation leave a lot to be desired. Diverging terminology and conflicting scopes of application are potentially leading to legal uncertainty resulting in yet another encumbrance for the art market at best and chaos at worst. The future will show if these sacrifices are truly worth the effort to fight this type of art related crime.