Roelof van Holthe tot Echten

Amsterdam area

+31 35 629 98 70


Voorstraat 2
3633 BA Vreeland
The Netherlands


Roelof van Holthe tot Echten has been practicing law for over thirty years.  In 2001, having worked for many years in international law firms, he set up his own practice, Oostwaard, located in the Amsterdam area of The Netherlands.

He advises, litigates and arbitrates. Roelof specializes in commercial civil law and, since 1997, his practice has focussed on aspects of art, culture and history.

Roelof has been involved as counsel in landmark cases, inter alia, in the field of restitution of looted art and historical rights. He publishes on the legal aspects of art, conducts archival research and regularly gives lectures.

His clients include private individuals and collectors, estates, art dealers, artists and enterprises. He acts as a sounding board and board-room consultant. His work is nationally and internationally orientated.

Roelof is a member of and active in various professional associations, including The International Bar Association and American Bar Association.